Perfectly Imperfect: Yasmine Ganley

Yasmine Ganley is the New Zealand-based art director, writer, and the creator and editor of the online platform, which is now in it's 12th year. Anyone Girl celebrates the personal projects from a like-minded community of makers. Yasmine is also the editor of the zine WAIST, a journal that nods both to following one's gut intuition, and also explores how we manifest emotion and experience in our bodies. Below, a conversation on how embracing life as it comes manifests in motherhood, personal ritual, and nostalgia.


Yasmine wears the Maison Shirt + Crop Wide Leg Pant in Tobacco





When did you last look at the world in a different way? What perspectives were available to you – more possible – as a result?

The most abrupt shift in my perspective happened when Emily was born, and is continuing to change and build each day, in response to observing and listening to her. The first thought that came on in my earliest days of becoming a mother was the cyclic nature of life; how we all at some stage have had to be nursed and cared for, otherwise survival would have not occurred. It made me look at others with new understanding, with the knowledge that at our truest we are a result of our very early days. (This thought became helpful for me when encountering those I found overpowering or intimidating).

At the same time, it made me acknowledge my own mother and everything she has ever done for me. Now experiencing her position, I'm realizing that even the littlest gesture can be an enormous hurdle — for that day, perhaps. All of the offers that go unnoticed. The second, was how quickly Emily began to mimic our ways, venturing into the world with untaught rhythms or impulsion, undoubtedly led by strains of our genes unforgivingly flowing through her. This had added even deeper layers of respect (including both admiration and qualities to laugh off!) for both my partner Matthew and myself. 

Answers are hidden in plain sight. Tell us about a recent (re)discovery in your everyday.

Matthew used to always make the bread in the house, but with all the time constraints of becoming a working Dad, he has hung up his apron! So, I decided I would give it a go. I've made a focaccia loaf, a rye boule, and whole grain pizza bases. None were a disaster, but each definitely needs a tweak. This week's mission is to make a raisin + spice fruit loaf. Fingers crossed.

I enjoy the daily responsibility of feeding the starter, it reminds me to 'check in' on other parts of my life too: have I watered the plants?, are my hips feeling tight?, do I need to call my sister? I also love the way bread making takes very simple ingredients and turns it into something nourishing and beneficial. It is a reminder to me of how honest human power can be beneficial to the world from a small scale, or, how the little things we do all add up. 

What in your life have you recently made more simple?

Doing one thing at a time, and being okay with that. I have not mastered this, but it's a new phrase that I force my thoughts to come back to. 





Yasmine wears the Frankie slip in Tobacco



Yasmine wears the House Top with the Crop Wide Leg Pant in Tobacco







The holiday season is often connected to nostalgia and comfort. What specific sensorial details strike this chord for you in feeling deeply nostalgic:

A song:
The voice of John Lennon makes me think of my Dad and I in the living room, me sitting cross-legged beside our record player on the floor, holding the record's cover back side up to sing along to the printed lyrics. 

A taste:
Torn baguette loaded with butter, a slice of rock melon, and a giant cup of cocoa reminds me of breakfast in my Aunty's home in France. I can still feel that plastic-coated tablecloth scraping my knees under the table. 

A film or piece of art:
Jaws. The first time I saw it was on our home television box through the fingers of my mother's hand trying to obscure my view. The color of the film is so deeply 80s, saturated color and exaggerated drama. It was a time in our lives when blockbuster movies were very exciting. And the music too, of course. 


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Yasmine + Emily wrapped in our Textured Throw in Natural

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