Perfectly Imperfect: Darya Bing

Meet the multi-talented, widely traveled, and entirely creative designer, mother, artist, and stylist Darya Bing.

Born into a family of accomplished sculptors, architects, calligraphers, and ceramicists and brought up and educated in the renowned Dadaists artist village of Ein Hod in Northern Israel, Darya Bing has had a background that’s taken her around the world and across disciplines. Currently based in Auckland, Darya began her creative career in wardrobe and set design in theatre and film but in between has worked across creative industries and disciplines — from fashion to art to education.

We find her at present, where she is co-managing an interior design + ceramics production + fie art studio that services hospitality groups across the Pacific, Australia, and Europe...

When did you last look at the world in a different way? What perspectives were available to you – more possible – as a result?

Not five minutes ago – blessed and cursed by a family of cognitive atypical which is often exhausting but so so fascinating and inspiring - my daughters’ creative view affects my work in a multitude of ways, both consciously and unconsciously.

Also… just simply remembering to look upwards a few times a day. The reminder of different perspectives.

Answers are hidden in plain sight. Tell us about a recent (re)discovery in your everyday.

Not so much a recent discovery but a recurring one: Re-realizing that by embracing the relative insignificance of what I'm working on and approaching it playfully can often lead to producing work that has more significance and relevance.

What in your life have you recently made more simple?

My negotiating tactics with my children: loosening the idea that every negotiation has A balance between not 'negotiating with terrorists' versus trying to make every negotiation a teaching moment. I suspect I'm learning more from the teaching moments than they are.





The holiday season is often connected to nostalgia and comfort. What specific sensorial details strike this chord for you in feeling deeply nostalgic:

A song:
Oh so many – all of the Jewish festivals songs - all of these festivals are connected to my early childhood as well as intergenerational memory. It doesn't get any more nostalgic than that.

A taste:
Freshly squeezed pomegranate juice from a street vendor.

A place:
Just as much a time as a place I guess - New Zealand Bethell's beach black sand dunes, January sunset, strong warm breeze, ambient amber light.

A film or piece of art:
My father's 38mm home movies of summer in the 70s

An object:
Mum’s old jewelry


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Darya wears the Frankie Slip in Rosehip

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