Letter From Heidi









Dear OZMA Friends,
I started OZMA just over five years ago to feel free, create beauty, to form a company of strong and fulfilled women, and to find inspiration in all aspects of my life. 

Last year I found myself wondering if participating in the traditional cycle of the clothing industry was really supporting why I started. While I’m incredibly proud of our growth, we remain a small & independent brand navigating a complex & changeable industry. I am a woman doing my best to navigate my many roles – entrepreneur, creative, girlfriend, daughter, friend and soul. I began struggling to give it all my wholehearted attention. I slowed, listened to my heart and asked...What should growth look like? Does making more really mean doing better?

...and what if we did things differently? 

With that, this year I have decided to focus OZMA’s energy in a new way. We are recommitting to bringing OZMA back to the spirit of why we founded this brand.




Getting closer to our community by selling directly from us to you. Community means conversation, it means connection, it means building everyone up along the way. We are committing to building on our relationships — with our LA production partners, brands we admire, causes we believe in, and most importantly with our customers (you!) While a shift to selling direct means you may no longer see OZMA in your local shop, it opens many new doors of possibility and collaboration .

Rewriting the rules, on our own terms. There’s incredible freedom and fulfillment in doing things your own way. This year we'll be introducing new ways of doing things, from capsule collections rooted in essentials and the spirit of "less"; to pre-orders that allow you to have a voice in what we make while making just what we need. Doing things our way means actually doing good.

We all benefit when we align with our values. With these changes we ensure that every person involved in the production of our garments is fairly compensated in a way that supports their quality of life. We respect our planet by avoiding over-production and wasteful excess. Finally, we are able to keep our pieces accessible to our community (in many cases lowering our prices!) while holding tightly to our core values of opting for the highest quality, natural, sustainably-sourced fabrics, and packaging available.

I’m so grateful for this moment — for the space to pause and be present, to realize what it means to truly connect, to be exactly who we are, right now. Thank you so much for your support and friendship through the years..and for the journey we’re all on together. So excited for what’s to come! 





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