WE ARE BECOMING — Lauren Spencer King

Lauren Spencer King is an artist and meditation teacher in Los Angeles — in her artwork, Lauren’s pieces allow the pigment, materials, and textures of the natural world to often inspire palette and medium. In her meditation offerings, a physical connection to the earth is a fundamental aspect of what it means to connect to ourselves, others, and the world. 


Lauren wears the Christy Bodysuit in Natural





A word or mantra that's feeling like my theme for right now is...

“I don’t know.” My head often takes me away from the truth. When I am being lead astray by worry and the impending thought that somehow there are things that I need to figure out about the future, and that if I can just make a decision about something completely unknowable it will put me at ease - in these moments I have to stop and repeat this phrase in my head over and over until I drop down into my body. The truth is - I really don’t know how things will work out. But, I know that somehow they will.

What's something you feel like you're really hitting your stride at right now?

Owning more of myself as a woman in a way that enables me to see what is healthy and wonderful in a person, and what is unhealthy about them, and hold both equally and simultaneously. This act gives way to possibility, motion, and growth.


What's something you are just beginning to understand?

That the world is an exciting place to be in because for as messy as it is, it is still LIFE — and life is full of the miraculous.


Looking back to this time last year, how has your vision of who or where you thought you'd be now evolved or shifted?

This past year has been so full of incredible love and adventure, grief and deep heartbreak. I’m not sure where I thought I’d be, but I can say that everything has made me an even stronger woman - more brave, courageous, and resilient.





Lauren wears the Christy Bodysuit in Natural.




Lauren wears the Lou Tee in Black. 







Is there anything you are currently undoing or (intentionally) unlearning?

What I expected love to look and feel like. Last September, while in the studio working, thinking about my life, a question emerged - “To what depths might our love take us?” - I stopped and wrote it down on the table top where I was painting. At the time it was just something I wondered about, not knowing that it was a premonition about what I was to have a crash course in and come out on the other side of transformed. During the last several months I read that question as I sit down to work. Love is more than I ever thought it could be, and to be loving towards someone doesn’t always end up looking like what I thought it would, but love is motivation to grow beyond where I am comfortable. 


What are you dreaming / daydreaming about?

Building a house and studio from the ground up. I envision an odd mix of styles with handmade details as the solution for everything possible. A home that embodies what excites me and reflects the way I want to live my days - full of love, creativity, togetherness, and family. 


A few days ago two mourning doves started building a nest in the flower boxes outside my windows that are full of native plants. Every morning I watch as the male dove brings twigs and sticks to the female. She arranges them around her. They sit there together in the California sagebrush as she gets ready to lay her eggs in a few days time. So natural. It is an incredible thing to watch. It feels timely in my life. I'm taking it as a good omen.

A word for the future:



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Lauren wears the Christy Bodysuit in Natural.

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