Lauri Kranz is the owner and founder of Edible Gardens LA where she creates lush, edible landscapes and vegetable gardens for chefs, restaurants, museums, schools and anyone interested in growing their own food (ediblegardensla.com). Her book, A Garden Can Be Anywhere, was published by Abrams Books in 2019. In 2020 she established the Edible Gardens LA FARM where she grows organic food and flowers in a beautiful canyon in Los Angeles.  These days you can find Lauri and her husband, Dean Kuipers, delivering organic vegetables and flowers, fresh from the farm, to homes all over Los Angeles.







 A word or mantra that's feeling like my theme for right now is...


What's something you feel like you are really hitting your stride at right now?

Adapting to the changing landscape of our world. We have entered into unchartered territory. There isn't a plan to follow. We need to be flexible to the shifts that are occurring all around us and help one another through this storm. My company has jumped in to help by delivering food, but we have to reinvent the service and our roles every day. May we all come out kinder, gentler and more resilient.




Lauri wears the Oversize Tee in Natural 



Lauri wears the Oversize Tee in Natural 







What's something you are just beginning to understand (either about yourself, or more broadly) that you are excited to see where it will lead you?

I am grappling, as we all are, with the incredible loss of life that is occurring across the globe right now. I am working hard to let go of a fear of death and instead try to see human life as a part of nature, in which everything both shines and struggles. I experience seasons in the plants I grow, and now I am beginning to see the seasons in human life, too. There are endings and then we plant seeds to bring life anew. 

Looking back to this time last year, how has your vision of who or where you thought you'd be evolved or shifted?

I have long been dreaming of having a farm of my own, and in the last year, this became a reality. My husband Dean and I began farming a small piece of land last fall that became our Edible Gardens LA Farm. 

I had still been going back and forth between my client's gardens and our farm and planned to do so for the foreseeable future. But the outbreak of Coronavirus made it necessary for me to step back from my client's gardens in order to maintain required social distancing measures. In these last few weeks, I have thrown myself completely into our farm. Dean and I work alongside each other there with our sons. I could have never imagined that it would be possible for life to move in this direction within the course of a year. We have been harvesting the vegetables and flowers from the first seeds that we sowed there and in this time especially, it is brininging a deep sense of fulfillment and job. 

Is there anything you are currently undoing or (intentionally) unlearning?

I am practicing the art of letting go. Each time I do, no matter how hard it is, a whole new world opens up.  

What are you dreaming / daydreaming about?

Hugging my friends.

A word for the future?



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