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Ariane Aumont’s professional cooking experience spans twenty years, inspired by extensive world travel, enriched with Cordon Bleu culinary education, and nurtured by a rich family cooking history. In 2014 Ariane moved to Ojai to collaborate in the opening of Chief’s Peak Bar at the Ojai Rancho Inn. Enraptured by the incredible local, organic produce of the Ojai Valley and surrounding counties, she then created Le Picnic, a boutique catering company specializing in custom menu creation dictated by the seasons and the food nostalgia of her clients.


Ariane wears the Christy Bodysuit in Natural and Dot Hankie in Oak





 A word or mantra that's feeling like my theme for right now is...

Gratitude! The moment I wake up I fill a page in a journal. It’s mostly a stream-of-conscious recap of my dreams and random musings. Once I’ve gotten it all out, I spend five minutes meditating on the things I’m grateful for. The people, the experiences, my health. This practice has completely shifted the way I move through life. Starting each day through a lens of appreciation (for the big, small, and sometimes minute) has opened up portals of awareness to life’s infinite miracles and abundance.

What's something you feel like you are really hitting your stride at right now?

Savoring the moment...and practicing it as a lifestyle!

What's something you are just beginning to understand (either about yourself, or more broadly) that you are excited to see where it will lead you?

I’ve come to realize that in general my imagination runs wild. I romanticize, project, and become attached to the imagined outcome, especially when I’m excited about something. As an avid manifestor, I’m beginning to understand that once the idea or dream is put “out into the universe,” so much clarity comes from then letting it go without attachment. Going with the flow without too much expectation.




Ariane wears the Christy Bodysuit in Sage and Dot Hankie in Bare 



Ariane wears the Lou Tee in Sage 







Looking back to this time last year, how has your vision of who or where you thought you'd be evolved or shifted?

This time last year revolved around opening a restaurant in Ojai. I felt as though it was a race against time observing the influx of people moving to town, the surge in tourism, and so many new businesses opening. It’s still my vision for the future, however with far less of a sense of urgency! When the space I’ve imagined presents itself and the stars feel aligned... I’ll be ready. 

Is there anything you are currently undoing or (intentionally) unlearning?

I’ve always been my own worst critic. Currently, I’m working on shifting my inner dialogue. I’m practicing being more kind to myself and using a language of self-compassion rather than tough love.

What are you dreaming / daydreaming about?

I’ve been daydreaming about producing more themed/experiential private events. The most recent, a seven-course “Monochromatic Dinner,” where each course is revolved around each color of the rainbow and guests are encouraged to dress in one color from head to toe...



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Ariane in the Lou Tee in Sage

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