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Alexandra Elle is an author & wellness consultant living in the Washington, DC metro area with her husband and children. Writing came into her life by way of therapy and the exploration of healing through journaling. Quarterly, Alex teaches workshops and retreats centered around assisting others in finding their voices through storytelling, poetry, and narrative writing rooted in truth without shame. Her mission is to build community & self-care practices through literature & language. She is currently an author at Chronicle Books. Today, Alex is sharing with us a self-care session centered around journaling to explore self-care as community care.


Alex in the Shiso Tie Dress, Cedar 




From Alex...

"Sometimes I wonder if the divine blessed me with 3 daughters so that I could be to them who I needed growing up. I recently told my husband that I wish I had who I am now, to guide me, love me, and advocate for me when I was younger. I’d be a hell of a mentor to my younger self. A lot of my inner child work lately has been centered around being who I needed—and making sure I go back and soothe the emotional parts of me that still call for tenderness and support.

I’ve been making a lot more intentional space for healing these days. I’ve been painting, making time to sit in stillness, rising earlier, going to bed earlier, keeping promises to myself, and honoring my ability to love myself as I love others. That is self-care in my world these days—showing up and standing in my power by being who I needed and who I want to be.

As I approach my 31st birthday (7/25), I’m leaning deeper into self-care being community care. I am committed to showing up fully in my relationships, motherhood, and career with an abundant well so that I can nurture those around me. So that I can give a little more if that’s required or desired of me.

Carrying this affirmation with me until my birthday: I am deserving of ease and abundance.

My past was practice. I’m happy to be here now."















Alex's Tips for Taking Care... 

Have you made space to…




Slow down


Take intentional breaths

Get fresh air

Tip: Set a daily alarm to remind yourself to show up for yourself. I call this the “Stop, Drop, and Self-Care” alarm


How to incorporate daily writing practice into your life… 

Make a gratitude list, add something new to it every morning or night. Keep it short, you can always go back and dive deeper later.


Write yourself an affirmation and keep it somewhere you can see it throughout the day.


Remember: Practice creates ritual. Make the time to create a meditative writing practice for yourself.


Don’t forget to…





Call a loved one


Gentle Reminder: Showing up for ourselves and taking care doesn’t require a lot, we just have to make the time to commit, be mindful, and remember that we are deserving of self-celebration.


If you enjoyed this exercise, we suggest checking out Alex's new book "After the Rain", which is available for pre-order here. Follow Alex on Instagram @alex_elle and find her other books and guided journals at alexelle.com/shopbooks







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