Working with clay is an invitation to the malleable. Like everything at its beginning, clay comes from the earth, unformed, elemental, and ripe with infinite possibilities. Like many things, it is shaped by the forces around it—the restorative power of water, the profound force of human intention, the alchemical transformation of fire. Like so few and very rare things, once fired, it holds its form and function for a literal eternity of beauty and use. 

As New York based ceramicist Virginia Sin puts it: "clay really allows for fluidity to be translated." In her hands, the form becomes fixed but the aliveness persists. We sat down with Virginia to talk about the shifting fluidity of creative practice, what feels like home, and (of course) New York vs. LA.


Virgina wears the Dance Wrap in Manzanita  




What does home mean to you? How does this feel?

Home is where I can recharge and it’s where I spend time in order to feel grounded. Home is also where you can practice living unapologetically in hopes that you can continue to live out loud, unapologetically, even when you step out of home! That is very important to me. Life is too short to feel held back. 

Motherhood is itself creation and it also requires shifting perspective on creative practice. Where are you on the arc of realignment?

I am still at the peak, and probably will stay there for a while. My baby just turned 1 and I know we’ve technically surpassed the most challenging parts of sleeping, napping, eating… but there will always be a new set of challenges at every milestone. What has been the most helpful and healthy thing I’ve done for myself has been to just set completely new expectations. New life, new set of expectations, am I right?! This way I am not feeling constantly disappointed. A little reframing goes such a long way.

How do you want to feel in your clothes?

Comfy chic is what I strive for when I get dressed everyday. What I mean by Comfy: You should be able to sit comfortably on the floor in it, knee down and lift in it, and/or take big fast steps in it …when you’re running late! It’s modern times, so let’s dress like it! What I mean by Chic: You should be able to dress it up or down quickly with a different hair style or accessory or shoe.








Virginia wears the Rosie Bodysuit and Standard Overall.






What brings you joy in the present? What are you dreaming of for the future?

A sense of novelty always brings me joy. It can be anything. Trying a new restaurant, meeting a new person, learning a new skill, traveling somewhere for the first time or even just seeing something new down the street.

My 5 year goal is to design a hotel so I’m spending a lot of energy daydreaming about that currently!

New York vs. LA?

I was born and raised on a peninsula in Southern California, so LA is where my roots are. It’s why I will always be drawn to nature, walking barefoot on damp grass, getting dusty from walking on trails and enjoying brisk air at dusk. My inner free-spirit keeps me balanced from all the stress of running a small business and living in a high energy city like New York. It has been 17 years since I’ve moved to Brooklyn. It’s my home now and I don’t see myself living anywhere else. But I still have close friends and all my family out there, so I will continue to take trips out West a couple times a year…besides, I will always find inspiration in the desert terrain.



Follow Virginia on Instagram here, and more of her work on her website here. Photos by Sharon Radisch.

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