Now is the time for flowers. Well, really, every time is the time for flowers (we're looking at you gorgeous dusty autumn mum and aster, winter forced narcissus, and—of course—summer blossom riot bounty freak out) but right now...this exact moment in the year is when we, just like the blossoms surrounding us, feel awakened, unfurled, greening and alive after long seasons of leaning towards the windows searching for more light.

As we break out the season's new silhouettes and our perennial wardrobe favorites show themselves once again to bask in the sunshine, we sat down with Taylor, the brilliant blooming flower maven at Brooklyn's Fox Fodder Farm, to talk about growing in community, finding beauty in every season, and dressing to get dirty.


Taylor wears the Classic Tee and Jessie Jean  




What's blossoming right now? What's in the bud?

EVERYTHING. Feels like all the good spring things exploded all at once this year. In the northeast, lilac is really at its peak.

How did you chart your path to where you are now?

I never set out to be a florist. What I really wanted to do was gardens and did a hybrid of both for a while.  At that time when I first got into arranging flowers, Sarah from Saipua, Nicolette Owen, and Emily Thompson came into my purview. I saw what they were doing, the type of work they were creating, and wanted to do that. It felt so new and inspired.

I just started reaching out to friends and friends of friends- my boyfriend at the time worked adjacent to the fashion industry and was really supportive and would recommend me to people he worked with.

So much of my success is due to the support I’ve received from my friends and the floral community in general.

How do you maintain your connection to the natural world?

You’d think working with flowers would be the ticket, but the industry in general can often be criticized for not considering the natural world and the impact that this industry has on the environment.

I’m fortunate to live in a place surrounded by nature (I live in Delaware even though Fox Fodder Farm is based in Brooklyn) and communing with the natural world is part of my every day.

We aspire to bring that connection to our clients with the work we do. We prioritize seasonal materials and an aesthetic that reflects nature, all her order and disorder.







Taylor wears the Audrey Shirt, Classic Tee, and Utility Short.  





What are you never without?

These days- baby Jules. He’s part baby, part sidekick…I bring him everywhere.


What is your favorite flower?

Daffodils, always and forever.


How do you want to feel in your clothes?

Comfortable, confident… and not concerned about getting them dirty.


How does your personal style speak to that?

I like nice things, high quality items, and am particular about what I wear, but I'm not too precious with my clothes. I don’t buy anything just because it’s practical. I buy my clothes to wear them, feel good in them, and be myself—which definitely usually involves some dirt.


What brings you joy in the present? What brings you hope for the future?

Family, Friends, Flowers.



Follow Fox Fodder Farm on IG here. Photos by Sharon Radisch.

Shop Taylor's OZMA selects here.


Join us at our OZMA Pop-Up at Fox Fodder Farm May 5-7, 2023. More details here.









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