If you follow the threads of celebrated hand-embroiderer Marie-Sophie Lockhart's work, the journey takes you on uncharted paths lined with psychedelic botanicals, winding through volcanoes and along mystic seashores, guided by hieroglyphics, and protected by powerfully beautiful shamanic motifs and animal spirits alike. Like an ancient storytelling tapestry woven on a minimalist, vintage-inspired jumpsuit, Marie-Sophie's embroideries feel at once wise and fresh, as richly tactile as they are simply beautiful.

Like all things worth doing, embroidery requires patience, intention, a general plan, and the capacity for wayfinding in beauty when the threads inevitably get tangled. Knot by knot, row by row, Marie-Sophie has been stitching her own map to a sort of revolutionary contentedness—from Paris to Brooklyn to Hawaii where she now lives off grid with her partner Chris and their son Cosmo. We were honored to sit down with Marie-Sophie to talk about the transformative necessity of nature, the benefit of taking things at the pace of handstitching, and the mother's path to (re)finding magic.


Marie-Sophie wears the Boy Tank, Dara Pant, and 1930's Bandana.  



What stories do you like to tell with your craft?

The stories are not specific to me. They are the collaboration between my own perceptions and experiences expressed through my craft and the audience's interpretation.

That connection is what makes the stories.


Embroidery can serve a function (e.g. mending or joinery) but often, and in your work specifically, it feels like pure giddy embellishment, beauty for the sake of beauty. What does that practice feel like?

The practice is like a ceremony, I consider it like a spiritual practice, exploring natural thoughts about life.

What I do with my hands matters more than ever to me!

Especially in these days, we are being ushered into a virtual isolated world where hyper speed is the default setting. A life led like embroidery is beneficial and necessary, stitch by stitch, row by row, slowing down, simply being in your practice in the present moment.


How do you want to feel in your clothes?

Comfortable and functional.




Marie-Sophie wears the Oversized Tee and Juno Pant.



Marie-Sophie wears the Verona + Rio Set in Cocoa, the 1930's Bandana, and the OZMA x Lena Corwin Peace Towel.





How does your personal style speak to that?

I believe that fashion has to be resourceful and that things don’t have to be new to be beautiful. I am really intentional about what I invest in, and my style is a mix of thrifted pieces from all over the world and sustainable designers. It has textures, layers, and functionality.

What has shifted for you, internally and externally, in motherhood?

Motherhood has brought me spiritual growth. I'm understanding that there is nothing on Earth that can reveal to us our true degree of internal freedom like our children. Motherhood has helped me both in shred(ding) illusions and achieving a stage of infinite love.

Raising a child feels like they are raising you, they are helping you back into your own humanity, leading you to find your magic again.



How do you maintain or celebrate your connection to the natural world?

Stay connected with your fellow humans and animals, touch the earth often, handle the physical world frequently, grow food, plant trees, try being intentional about spending time outdoors or meeting and connecting with your local community.

 Normalize putting your phone down when in nature or with family & friends. Get out of reception as much as possible.

 All of this is deeply tied to our relationship to the larger world and the ecosystem that we’re all intertwined in. Forced separation between humanity and nature is the most important divide we must end.



What is on the horizon?

My only focus right now is being fully committed to creating the life I want for myself and my family—attracting what I desire and trusting the Universe.










Follow Marie-Sophie on Instagram here. Photos by Mia Luciano.








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