Our dear friend Lena Corwin (textile obsessive, pattern-maker, writer, author, activist, artist, mother, dreamer, and ultimate connector of people and good ideas) isn't *just* known for her Peace Cloth Towels BUT—in the same way that we are often linked in the mind with the Sophie Crop and Bias Slip Dress—she is definitely beloved for them.

While the Peace Towel IS absolutely, unabashedly awesome (so awesome, in fact, that we're all getting heart-flutters over the brand new OZMA Peace Towel) the cherished jacquard towel is just one of Lena's many beautiful and heart-expanding projects (see also: Earth Art). We sat down with Lena to talk about object permanence, personal style that lasts, and the things that we both happen to think are the most beautiful.


Lena wears the Billie Dress, Sophie Crop, and carries the OZMA x Lena Corwin Peace Towel.  



We are so thrilled to be working together on the new OZMA Peace Towel color— we love your deep relationship to collaborative creativity. Can you speak to how collaboration shapes your creative process?

The feeling is very mutual. I like getting out of my own head. When I'm collaborating with someone I respect there's ease, trust, and joy in the process.


Your textile design work encompasses such a broad range of sensibilities: sparse linear motifs, geometric pattern play AND also a sort of an amazing psychedelic maximalism. Where do you find inspiration?

Thank you, I love this description of my textile work. I’m naturally a minimalist but I’ve had a lot of amazing maximalist influence in my life. I was raised around artists– friends of my parents and teachers who moved to San Francisco in the consciousness-expanding 1970s. Then I spent my teenage years thrift store shopping on Haight Street, combing through racks of vivid patterns. I’ve always enjoyed playing with contained chaos.


What is most beautiful?

Earth... stones, rocks, and sand.

How do you want to feel in your clothes?

I live in a cool climate so I want to feel warm and layered. I like clothes that feel like work-wear for this phase of life– denim, cotton canvas, and linen. I feel connected to natural fabrics, whether they’re new or old.




Lena wears the Audrey Shirt, Sophie Crop, and Utility Pant.



The OZMA x Lena Corwin Peace Towel above, and Lena wears the Standard Overalls and Oversized Tee below.





How does your personal style speak to that?

I’m happy to wear the same favorites over and over. But then I’ll have a period of wearing lots of dresses.

We love the part in the Peace Towel origin story where you were obsessed with a historical towel you encountered years ago that left it's mark on your psyche. There's something so human about the desire to tangibly connect with our tactile memories. How does the connection to tactile sense memory inform your work?

I gravitate to materials that have a tactile memory, for sure. I love washed and garment dyed fabrics. Since becoming a parent, I’m more aware of how materials age and I want to choose pieces that get even better over time. That ideal is something I think about a lot– in work, home, and play. And that longevity of materials matters, I have cotton bath towels and sheets from my grandmother that are still in rotation and aged beautifully.



How does California feel?

The question is "feel" but my first thought was smell. Right now California smells like honeysuckle and ocean.









Follow Lena on Instagram here and see her textiles here. Photos by Claire Guarry.








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