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We've always loved vintage. This is, perhaps, unsurprising when you consider that the best vintage pieces are always the truest classics, thoughtfully constructed and eternally stylish. This is, of course, exactly what we're aiming for in our own designs. And, while our intention is for our pieces to be lived in and loved until they're threadbare, we wouldn't be surprised for an OZMA piece to be found on a vintage rack years from now, waiting to become the new beloved favorite of some lucky searcher. 

That's how it's always been for us—from the first perfectly worn leather jacket/made-for-us feeling jeans/treasured timeless tee that caught our eye from among the many, finding a vintage soulmate is like being reunited with a dear old friend. So, when our own dear old friend Natasha Garret—the master of style and maven of vintage sourcing behind Roam Vintage—asked us to tag along with her to the Pickwick Garden Outdoor Vintage Show a few weeks ago, we couldn't contain our excitement. Like old friends do, we chatted about what we're wearing again and again right now, the thrill of the hunt, and the blessings and burdens of being your own boss. Slip into your favorite find and read on!

Natasha wears the Dance Wrap in Natural, and 1930's Bandana in Rosehip.





How would you describe your personal style? Is it a feeling? A time and place? A story in colors?

I would describe my personal style as relaxed, thoughtful, informed by the natural world and a little bit funky. I’m drawn to colors found in nature, natural fibers and the occasional, interesting sculptural element like a puffed sleeve, billowing pant leg, and chunky silver rings from my in-house collection. 



After years of working as a stylist for other people, you now run your own business. How did it feel to choose to make that leap? How does it feel now?

I honestly haven’t looked back since I made the leap. I was really unhappy with being a stylist towards the end. It’s a pretty grueling job. I did have a lot of fun being on set and traveling the world. I met a lot of incredible people who are now some of my closest friends and I know it has certainly benefited me in my work with Roam Vintage. That being said, I am so much happier being my own boss and doing what I truly love, which is sourcing beautiful vintage and hand crafted pieces for people and working with other like minded folks.

When you're sourcing vintage, whose eyes are you looking through? Do you love every piece/are you looking for "yourself" or are you in search of pieces that fit a certain aesthetic/you know other people will love... or is that the same thing to you?

Sourcing is a very meditative and instinctive experience for me. Everything I source for the shop is something I feel I could wear. My desire in sourcing is to find pieces that I really believe in and then offer them to my audience, who I trust will appreciate them just as much as I do. I tend to shy away from trying to find particular styles or trends and focus more on unique qualities and wearability. I prefer classic, well-made pieces that people will cherish and love for a lifetime.




Natasha wears the Lou Tee in Military Green, and 1930's Bandana in Oak.



Natasha wears the House Top in Rosehip, and 1930's Bandana







Vintage pieces tell such stories. What are some of the favorite tales/pieces that have stuck with you in all your discoveries?

One of my favorite parts of sourcing is getting to connect with the vendors I am buying from and hear their incredible stories. I have collected so many pieces through the years that have lived incredible lives before reaching my hands and I absolutely love that. I guess more than any individual story I just love the opportunity to really get to know the people who have loved the pieces before me just as much as I love to envision all the stories that are yet to come when the pieces I find move on to their next home.



We believe so deeply in paring things down to the barest essentials, in living and dressing beautifully and authentically with less. A lot of that is about being super intentional with our wardrobe pieces. With vintage, it sometimes feels a little like the pieces choose you instead of the other way around. How do you reconcile the two?

That’s a great question. I think for me the most important thing to have is a healthy flow of letting go and bringing in new pieces. I really believe in holding onto cherished items but sometimes there are pieces I am drawn to and want to spend a little time with before I decide to part ways with them. I keep a pretty minimal closet, believe it or not, because I’m always cycling through pieces. I feel like too many options make me appreciate each piece less so I tend not to hold onto too much at a given time.



What is your favorite thing in your closet right now?

I have a really beautiful seventies shearling coat that I absolutely love. I also wear my OZMA Sophie Crop in white all of the time with lounge pants so I can still feel cute when I’m relaxing.




Follow Natasha on Instagram here, and Roam Vintage here. Shop her amazing finds at Roam-vintage.com






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