Perfectly Imperfect: Stephanie Cleary of Morrow Soft Goods

Our classic raw silk tees are designed to embody the OZMA ethos – they're what we talk about when we talk about adoring the perfectly imperfect. Our tees rely on the beautifully organic, nubby soft texture of raw silk, an incredibly special fabric that we love for its character and unique wear... resulting in every tee feeling slightly different and entirely special. The metaphor isn't lost on us: to continue the conversation, we spoke with five inspiring women in the OZMA world about what it means to lean into imperfection, to discover the path of self-acceptance, and to see the beauty in our ever-evolving perspectives.


To start the series, we visited Stephanie Cleary, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Morrow Soft Goods, a home textile company specializing in natural fibers and earthy color tones (something we obviously love!) Below, a conversation on drawing inspiration from life's curveballs, thinking less linearly, and retreating to simplicity.


Photos by April Valencia



The Boy Tank, Coffee 


Perfection is really the road to imperfection. What has been your relationship to imperfection; to the acceptance of it in everyday life?

Each day seems to go differently than what I expect or plan. It changes and moves organically, especially with a family. Over the years, I've become more accepting of how life is and the curveballs it throws.

For me, the unpredictability of 'imperfection' can lead to the best ideas. Some of the Morrow pieces that I'm most proud of started from an 'imperfect' sample that helped develop a concept. Sometimes imperfection is the spark; if we receive a sample of a new weave, it may not be right for that particular object, but then it leads to a whole new collection or concept. (I will say that I usually need to remove myself from the situation and take a couple until I can see the beauty in the imperfection.)


There is no "right" way to be yourself; rarely, if ever is there permanence. But there is process. How have you come to know yourself differently in the past year? 

I'm learning to be more content and to be more confident with who I am. I take more time for self-care and self-awareness. I'm not fully where I want to be (who is?). but I feel like I'm getting closer to a better and more balanced lifestyle. I've recently been writing letters and notes to myself in a journal, and it's been a really helpful therapeutic process. I've also started hypnotherapy which has been positive and stimulating.







 "For me, the unpredictability of 'imperfection' can lead to the best ideas. Some of the Morrow pieces that I'm most proud of started from an 'imperfect' sample that helped develop a concept. Sometimes imperfection [can be a] spark."   











What in your life have you recently accepted as imperfect?

Chaos and surprises. There always seems to be a new situation of thing that arises. Instead of being angry or dwelling on it, I've been trying to let chaos have its moment and then find the redeeming parts of it. I have a little boy, and when he gets sick or has to stay home, I used to get anxious for what I was missing out on... work deadlines, social events, simple lack of sleep... but I've become more open to understanding that we need those moments together. That I need to be fully present and just enjoy the situation for what it is. I guess I've learned that life isn't going to get easier once that "one thing" is taken care of or over. There's always going to be another thing. Don't let it weigh you down.


Our perspective is always relative to our ongoing, lived experience. What has recently shifted your (literal of figurative) view?

Having a child has really shifted this view for me. I want to explore and teach Oslo the simple things, like gardening or enjoying books. I want him to enjoy the yard, the outdoors, and just be able to imagine he's a dinosaur stomping all over Highland Park. I find I'm being more thoughtful toward my time and daily awareness, no longer looking to what could be, but enjoying the present moment.




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