Perfectly Imperfect: Sophie Monet

Our classic raw silk tees are designed to embody the OZMA ethos – they're what we talk about when we talk about adoring the perfectly imperfect. Our tees rely on the beautifully organic, nubby soft texture of raw silk, an incredibly special fabric that we love for its character and unique wear... resulting in every tee feeling slightly different and entirely special. The metaphor isn't lost on us: to continue the conversation, we spoke with five inspiring women in the OZMA world about what it means to lean into imperfection, to discover the path of self-acceptance, and to see the beauty in our ever-evolving perspectives.



Meet jewelry designer Sophie Monet Okulick, whose eponymous line is a reflection of a life spent in the studio of her father, sculptor John Okulick. Using sustainable materials and weaving in references from natural landscapes and mid-century design her pieces contextualize familar materials in wholly unexpected ways.



Photos by April Valencia





The Marianne Turtleneck, Oak

Perfection is really the road to imperfection. What has been your relationship to imperfection; to the acceptance of it in everyday life?

As an artist, striving for perfection is something you have to let go of. I design my jewelry through the act of accepting life's imperfections... and it's what I love most about the materials I work with. I love finding knots and bends and imperfect variations in the different variations of the woods I use, an imperfection that makes each piece more special than the last. No two will ever be exactly the same, nor will they be perfect.


There is no "right" way to be yourself; rarely, if ever is there permanence. But there is process. How have you come to know yourself differently in the past year? 

This past year has been one of the most exciting times of my life, both personally and professionally. I'm about to get married and have really taken the time to enjoy this special window of time. I've tried to cherish the present, and it really does feel like I've changed emotionally. I've become more self-aware in my daily experiences, including my work. I've really chosen to spend more quality time on projects, plans, and opportunities that excite me rather than doing things for the sake of checking it off my list.





































" I design my jewelry through the act of accepting life's imperfections... and it's what I love most about the materials I work with... No two will ever be exactly the same, nor will they ever be perfect." 

What in your life have you recently accepted as imperfect?

I pay careful attention to my diet and my exercise routine. It's become a form of therapy and when I do it I feel my best... but I'm not perfect. I've been able to accept that it's not something to stress– or obsess– over. To be truly happy you have to accept all versions of yourself. So, if I'm going to eat a cheeseburger or sleep through a spin class, I'm going to enjoy every minute of it. That's where, and who, I strive to be.


Our perspective is always relative to our ongoing, lived experience. What has recently shifted your (literal of figurative) view?

Over the years I think my perspective on success has shifted. "Success" has an abundance of definitions but it is a very personal and subjective thing. When I started my business I let others around me define what success looked like for me. But as I've gotten older I see how important it is to define your own success – to find emotional fulfillment that exists outside of the noise. To me, success means being happy with myself wherever I'm at and with whatever I'm doing. It's not measured by any one accomplishment, but rather an overall feeling of contentment.




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