What is a "signature scent"? After encountering the revolutionary, evolutionary scents dreamed up by Patrick Kelly, the founder/perfumer/sweet genius in chief behind Sigil, we think of "signature" more in terms of elemental biology: that we all have a unique metaphysical connection to our own sensual alchemy and when we manifest those connections into the world, we become naturally fluent in both the language of pheromone and personal style.


After all, slipping the merest hint of a scent that truly resonates with your personal alchemy, self-vision, and daily vibe onto wrist, collarbone, or the hidden hollow behind the ear is one of the most subtly radical and deeply sensual acts of self-creation possible. 


We caught up with Patrick in their own moment of subtly radical and deeply sensual self-creation: just at the cusp of moving on from Sigil and buoyed onwards on fragrant winds of possibility of their own making.


Patrick wears the Oversized Tee and Standard Overall




Can you speak to what it means to you to be the creator of something (a scent) that people then can use as their own tool of essential creation (making distinct daily versions of themselves via that scent)?

Our whole MO at Sigil was about the thoughtful and intentional act of using any of our many tools to become a more realized version of your self—to enhance aspects of your identities as you move through the world. It is an altogether humbling experience to create any “thing” from nothing—especially in our loud and crowded world—but even moreso something as subjective and interior as a perfume. I’m so grateful for the many thousands who trusted us in their daily journeys through life, who found solace in Sigil and the world and tools we built.


The actual physical processes of making scent seem both extremely delicate, scientifically complex, and also essentially human and primal. How do you maintain balance in your processes?

That’s right. It’s equal parts intuition and pragmatism. The closest analogy I can think of is bouldering: there’s a solution to be mapped that can sometimes feel technical and require a lot of retooling, but the path is also lit by deep, present, and intuitive feeling.


How do you want to feel in your clothing?

Comfortable, polished, crisp, ready.

How does your personal style inform that?

I’m always drawn to soft and comforting natural fabrics in neutral tones, styled with unexpected pops of color.




Patrick wears the Audrey Shirt Jacket and Standard Overall.



Patrick wears the Parke Jacket, Oversized Tee, and Standard Overall.






We are intersecting at a time of transition for you. What rituals anchor you in your present?

Change is exciting, isn’t it? I’ve found myself with more time to be still and reflect than I have in recent years. Lately my rituals are full of introspection: journaling, long walks, cooking, baths. It’s helpful when faced with big change to accept the discomfort one feels as a challenge to grow. To sit in that feeling and analyze its nuance for insight is difficult; it’s easier to bolt. But I’m simmering in it. It’s a rare gift to be able to stop and reflect on the culmination of a seven-year journey like Sigil. The clarity of purpose this exercise brings has helped me to synthesize what’s worked and what’s moved me away from my life’s purpose. I can’t wait to share what I’m building next.

What does your vision for your future feel like (or, perhaps, what does it smell like)?

More community building. More commerce as activism. My nose needs a break, but I’m springing at the chance to use my gifts to add more beauty with conscience to the world.











Follow Patrick on Instagram here. Photos by Arianna Lago






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