OZMA WOMEN: A Visit With Gillian Stevens

June 20, 2018

gillian stevens content creator ozma of california sun hat straw hat eco friendly sustainable fashion raw silk silk linen silk linen coverall

GILLIAN STEVENS | is an editorial lifestyle photographer, mother, and content creator based in Vancouver, BC. She uses the art of visual story telling to produce stunning images. Additionally, Gillian offers services in art direction, photoshoots, websites and styling for fashion, home and lifestyle brands. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Gillian for a short & sweet interview.

Gillian Stevens styling the Coverall in Silk Linen.


Morning or Night: Morning

Introvert or Extrovert: Extrovert, but I love quiet time at home.

Realist or Optimist: Optimist

Spirituality or Religion: I am a Christian, so I would say both!

Mountains or Sea: Sea

Hot or Cold: Hot

Vintage or New: Vintage,or anything handmade.

Growth or Comfort: I am always grateful for opportunities to grow! 

Modesty or Vanity: Seeking humility, but prone to vanity.

Dogs or Cats: Probably dogs.

Expectation or Fate: Expectation.

Down to earth or In the sky: Always dreaming.

Coffee or tea: I start my day with one cup of coffee, and sometimes a herbal tea in the afternoon.

Urban or Country: I love the perks that living in a city offers, but I always need breaks from it, and I've always dreamed of having a little cottage in the English countryside!

Interview by Jasmine Bouzaglou

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