To describe her as dynamic would be an understatement. This Aussie has dabbled in just about every career, taken chances most of us aren’t bold enough to take, and is an inspiring entrepreneur and advocate for sustainable fashion.


THE 1930s BANDANA in Black

Tell us about yourself.

I’m originally from Sydney, and grew up by the beach. I studied art history and spent my early twenties traveling, and somehow landed in New York. I fell into fashion and now live a quieter life in LA, where I consult for brands all over the world. I keep it small and work really closely with each client, and just love what I do. In my down time, I love to cook and spend time in the ocean.

What was that like, growing up in Australia?

It was everything you probably imagine it to be, and more. I lived most of my childhood right by the beach, and we’d go for swims before and after school. On really hot summer days, we’d skip school just to dive in the ocean.

I grew up in the city, but we had a farm about 3 hours away where we’d go on weekends. There was a lot of time spent playing cricket, riding horses, and just running wild. I still eat Vegemite on toast pretty much every morning–– it takes me back to those memories.

What brought you to the States?

I always wanted to live in New York. I studied art history in college and had read so many memoires of fascinating lives that really began there.

"I impulsively booked a one-way ticket one day, broke up with my boyfriend, sold my car, and never looked back. Best, most courageous thing I’ve ever done. "

What was your career path like leading up to now? How did you end up here?

Like so many, it’s been a curved path–– and excited for a few more turns! I did a lot of freelance writing interviewing musicians and artists back in Sydney. When I moved to New York, I was determined to land a job at VICE. I was there until it got a little more corporate, then I fell into more of the emerging fashion scene.

My last job in New York was as an editor, so I was on set and writing around the clock. Then one day, I started to look into how wasteful the fashion industry was as a whole. I had to step away, so I moved to LA and started my own consultancy so I could work with brands that share my values. Feel very grateful to work with great teams in fashion, technology, and wellness.

Do you see yourself doing something different down the road?

I’m a futurist, but trying very hard to just focus on the right now! I have a steadfast disdain for mediocrity, so I hope I’ll keep challenging myself as time goes on.

How do you know you like someone when you meet them?

I want to be around people who don’t take themselves too seriously but are really warm from the outset. Also, important to be around people who take the time to read the news and be socially engaged.. And let’s just say I’m not hanging out with any Trump voters, ever.

What makes ethical, responsible fashion important to you?

If everyone took the time to educate themselves on the extent of how the fashion industry impacts communities in the third world as well as the environment, this issue would be huge for all of us. What we wear is a representation of our values, and I’m just trying to do my bit one t-shirt at a time.

"It sounds trivial, but it’s not. All of the small choices we make impact at a higher level!! "



What is your favorite fabric to wear?

“Can’t ever steer away from silk, denim, and cotton! Organic fabrics that just get better with time are definitely my M.O.

Tell us about one of the most beautiful places you've been to.

So many! The Algarve, Portugal and all of the small islands of Croatia are incredibly beautiful. Istanbul was an amazing city when I went ten years ago, and I love the Swiss Alps in spring. But if I could go anywhere today, I’d time travel back to Byron Bay in the ‘90s. It was more desolate and laid back–– truly beautiful. I would go there with my family all the time.

Who is the person that inspires you most?

Family and friends! The courage and kindness they share among them are a constant inspiration. Also, forever inspired by Schiele, Judd, Barragan, and Louis Kahn.

Are you better at giving advice or taking it?

try to give good advice, but who knows? I guess it depends on the context. I tend to just live my life the best way I know how: follow what feels right, and it all seems to work out in the end.

Photography by Alexa Miller

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