At OZMA we tend to think in terms of seasons. Seasons of the year, of what to wear and what to celebrate, of adventure and ritual and the passing of time, of the shifts in weather and wardrobe that weave the fabric of our days...but we also tend to think of our lives in seasons—who we are now, who we might be becoming, the stories we write in this chapter, and how those stories might shift into the next.

Throughout every season, we have all been shaped and guided so deeply by the mothers and mother-figures in our lives, and, wherever we might be on our journeys towards (or away from) our own motherhoods, we find that the transformative power of mothering is a central thread in the weave of who we are and who we might become.

This year, as our own Heidi is in her first season as mother to her darling River (and celebrating her first "Mother's Day") we wanted to gather some collective wisdom and witnessing from our constellation of OZMA mothers, to capture and honor a moment of this season in the great journey.


Heidi wears the Wrap Skirt and Wrap Bra in Heather Grey  




When your child will describe their childhood, what is the kind of story you hope they tell?

I hope my son remembers his childhood full of laughter, and full of love all around him.

What did you receive from your own mother/mother-figure that has been the most impactful or formative to you in your mothering?

So many things but most of all a safe place of non-judgement, love and support. She never put pressure on me to do or be anything I didn't want to. She gave me the confidence and encouragement to explore and be my own person, the space to figure myself out on my own terms, to learn, do, mess up, and at the end of the day be there to tell me that I'm doing great.








Heidi wears the Tasi Crop and Field Pant in Putty.






How has your personal style shifted (or not) in motherhood?

I'm recently postpartum so I'm in a stage of figuring out what feels good and what works well with baby life. It's always been about comfort for me and that's more important now than ever!


In this season of motherhood, when do you feel most like the best version of yourself?

In the mornings when I'm well rested and I have little morning 'chats' and giggles with my son. It's when I'm most energetic and totally present to just soak up his cuteness.


What kind of human do you want to raise?

I want to raise a kind and joyful human.




Photos by Arianna Lago.

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