Bandana Diaries: Caroline Ventura

For the next installment in our month of traveling women in bandanas, we met NY designer and artist Caroline Ventura amid a trip to Sag Harbor. Calm moments at the shore and in the garden in between preparing for her first photo exhibit, "YOU CAN GO THERE,” which was held this summer at Chaos Theory Gallery in Sag Harbor, NY. We resonate deeply with the concept — present moments filtered through a lens of nostalgia, intended to “evoke feelings from decades past."






Caroline Ventura

Where I am right now:

Sag Harbor, New York

Sensory overview — a current sight / smell / sound / taste / feeling ?

That feeling of salt on your skin when the ocean mixes with sweat
Also: Fireworks
My old truck 

When I travel I get inspired by:

Food! I love long meals in an unfamiliar place.
Architecture! I have a soft spot for buildings that are probably kind of ugly, but have stood the test of time.

3 things I always travel with:

1. Cameras + Film
2. Notebook
3. Jeans



Learn more about the show and Caroline’s work here:

Follow Caroline at @__carolineventura 



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