OZMA WOMEN: A Visit With Atha Davis

July 06, 2018

OZMA WOMEN: A Visit With Atha Davis

ATHA DAVIS | UC Berkeley Research assistant, Adventurer, Model are a few words we could use to describe this intelligent and daring woman.

 Below is a short interview and photoessay of Atha styling the Painters Jumpsuit in Mineral & The Matador Romper in Redwood

What is your favorite place you have traveled?
The South Island of New Zealand, hands down. As a a woman of the outdoors, it was an absolute dream come true to be able to traverse Mount Aspiring and the Fiordland National Parks, witnessing glaciers and swimming in pools at the base of crystal clear waterfalls. The people were some of the warmest & friendliest I've met in a western setting, as well the the most aware and proud of their indigenous populations. 
What is the most sentimental object you own?
My 40oz beat up army-green water bottle. It seems unassuming, but it has survived countless moves, at least six countries, and many a camping & climbing trip over the course of its role as my hydration receptacle. Of course, the biggest utility is the amount of plastic water bottles it has saved.
Favorite hole in the wall dining destination in your city?
In my city... hah. Difficult to answer when you live between multiple. I'll answer for Santa Cruz: Malabar. It's a vegetarian Asian-fusion restaurant that doesn't have a liquor license but does have a perpetually grumpy elderly Indian man running the place.
What is the best advice you’ve ever received?
"Never go grocery shopping whilst stoned"
What does adventure mean to you?
Removing oneself from their comfort zone.
Favorite road trip song?
Road to Nowhere by the Talking Heads. Must be belted.
What is the most interesting thing you have learned while studying at UC Berkeley?
Ah... I can't simply choose a factoid, but would generally say the contents of my Contemporary Theories of Political Economy course. It's a class that explores intellectual debates on 20th century international political economy (essentially the distribution of resources). These debates mostly focused on explanations of inequality in economic development & the effect of simultaneous increasing globalization & fragmentation of the international political system.
What can a photographer do to make sure you feel comfortable when shooting?Treat me as they would a well-respected friend. Give affirmations when appropriate, ask permission before touching, challenge me gently, and be genuine.
Favorite form of exercise?
Rock climbing. It's like solving a puzzle with both your body & your mind in unison. Tack on the elements and fear factor, and you're hooked. Lately I've been loving sport climbing (meaning I climb up the wall without protection from above, clipping in as I ascend) for the challenge and the view at the top.

 Interview by Jasmine Bouzaglou

 Photography by Hannah Thornhill


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